About Us

Who we are

Intake Abroad was started with an intent to help the students become a better version of themselves by providing them a platform where they can explore umpteen iterations of universities and colleges. Over the years, we have helped many students frame a successful growth trajectory. To catalyze the process, we have got the arsenal of some of the most experienced professionals who are well-versed with educational courses and academics.

They can easily understand students' strengths and help them overcome their foibles that will help them successfully fill the application and get approval. Our team has grown immensely and expanded its growth horizon by encapsulating all the services required for application, approval, and acceptance of your application to your preferred university or college.

MALLEABLE STUDY TIME: Intake Abroad provides you the facility to plan your study as per time available to you. You can select the course and opt for flexible study periods to help you learn and implement it.

PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE: Our scope of work is not merely limited to just helping you with the application and approval. We also help our students with placement assistance, which can help them start good career growth. From counseling to helping you assess the pros and cons of the institution, our team is always backing you up.

EASY TO ACCESS: We don’t believe in complicating the process. Education is the right of every individual, and we do our bit by providing a seamless consulting and assistance program that can be accessed at any time.

STUDY ON-THE GO: Why waste time when you can learn new things and make your free time more productive and enchanting. You get the facility to choose a course and study and develop your skillset whenever you get some time.

GET AN INNOVATIVE, IN-DEPTH TRANSITION: A proper guidance is necessary for success in any field. Get expert assistance from seasoned professionals for smooth transition. PRACTICAL AND INTERACTIVE PARTICIPATION: Indulge in orientation and practical interactions to understand how things work out when you apply for study abroad. These sessions help you understand and prepare for upcoming challenges.